Unveiling the Art of Green Bean Storage: Perfection at Siolim Specialty Coffee Roasters

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Unveiling the Art of Green Bean Storage: Perfection at Siolim Specialty Coffee Roasters


At Siolim Specialty Coffee Roasters, our coffee journey is a testament to dedication and an unwavering commitment to quality. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of our green bean storage process, revealing the essence of what sets our coffee apart in the world of extraordinary brews.

The Journey Begins:

Our story begins at the coffee plantations, where skilled hands carefully nurture coffee cherries into exceptional green beans. It's a tribute to the craftsmanship of our growers who cultivate and harvest the cherries with precision and care. But our relentless pursuit of perfection doesn't end here.

Exacting Sorting Ritual:

Within the walls of our Siolim facility, each batch of green beans undergoes a meticulous sorting ritual. Our dedicated team painstakingly hand-selects each bean to eliminate even the slightest imperfections. This uncompromising process ensures that only the finest beans progress to the next stage of their journey.

Meet Our Preservation Partner - Ecotact:

Enter Ecotact - our trusted partner in the art of preservation and freshness. These flawless green beans find a new home in 5kg hermetic storage bags, specially designed with an impressive 9-layer barrier. From moisture to aroma, oxygen to odors, nothing can breach this formidable defense, safeguarding the beans' impeccable state.

The Metamorphosis:

Imagine the transformation, as these beans transition from a 60kg jute bag to the embrace of twelve 5kg Ecotact bags. Each step is a symphony of care, precision, and unwavering dedication to excellence. But the journey doesn't end here.

Preservation Reinforced:

Recognizing the paramount importance of maintaining peak freshness, these 5kg bags are lovingly placed within robust 5-ply corrugated boxes. This creates an additional fortress against moisture, oxygen, and heat, ensuring the beans remain in pristine condition.

Guidance from Coffee Aficionados:

We couldn't have achieved this level of excellence without the wisdom of true coffee aficionados. A heartfelt shoutout to Mr Dhiraj Agrawal from Ground Zero Coffee Roasters, Mr Suhas Dwarakanath from Benki Brewing Tools, Mrs Sherri Johns our SCA Trainer, Mr Sumanth Paranjape and Mr Alfred Vincent from Araku coffee for illuminating our path with their expertise. Your guidance has been invaluable in shaping our quest for perfection.

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