Exclusive Benefits

Free Shipping Always

10% off On All Orders

Exclusive Community Access

10% off On Merchandise


Complimentary Shipping, Always

Say goodbye to standard shipping fees. With Siolim Brew Club, enjoy the convenience of free shipping on all your orders, right to your doorstep. That's right, the standard Rs. 99 shipping fee? Consider it a thing of the past.

Savor More, Save More

Indulge in your favorite selections or discover new blends with an exclusive 10% discount on all orders. Your morning ritual or afternoon pick-me-up just got more delightful—and a lot more affordable.

Exclusive Community Access

Become part of an elite circle of coffee aficionados. Gain early access to our new releases, special events, and the vibrant Siolim coffee community. Share your passion, exchange brewing tips, and immerse yourself in the culture of specialty coffee.

Merchandise Deals

Extend your coffee lifestyle beyond the cup with a 10% discount on all our branded merchandise. From artisanal mugs to bespoke apparel, accessorize your coffee passion at a privileged rate.

More perks to love

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    Free Shipping on all Orders

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    10% of on all orders

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    Exclusive Community Access

Make Every Sip an Experience to Remember

For less than the cost of a standard order, the Siolim Brew Club transforms your

every coffee moment into an experience of luxury and savings. It's not just a
membership; it's an investment in your daily pleasure and comfort. With benefits
that cover its cost from the very first order, it's the smart choice for any coffee lover
looking to elevate their coffee journey without stretching their wallet

Join Siolim Brew Club: Where Every Bean, Every Brew, and Every Sip Spells Exclusivity

Become a Siolim Brew Club member today- because you deserve the very best.

Frequently asked 

What is the Siolim Brew Club Membership?

Siolim Brew Club Membership is a premium club offering exclusive benefits for coffee lovers. Members enjoy free shipping, discounts on coffee and merchandise, exclusive access to new products, personalized support, and special educational events.

How do I sign up for the Siolim Brew Club Membership?

You can sign up through our website. Visit the Siolim Brew Club Membership page, click on ‘Join Now’, and complete the registration and payment process.

How does the free shipping work?

Once you become a Siolim Brew Club Member, every order you place will automatically qualify for free shipping. There is no minimum value required.

What is the duration of membership?

The duration of the membership is 3 months.
How will I get access to community and workshop?
A link of the community and workshops will be shared to you on your registered mail.